Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a great way not only to help with erosion, but also to create beautiful usable garden space. Retaining walls need to be built solid by using a solid base, compacted base material and good drainage. Retaining walls will enhance the look of any yard.

Lynx can provide you advice and the best possible solutions  for your next retaining wall project.

The timber retaining wall below offers a unique and natural look to your landscaping. Heavy duty galvanised “H” beams were used for the uprights instead of wood for it’s strength and longevity. The retaining wall consists of angled and tiered sleepers at the ends with a powder coated decorative farm gate installed. Staining your retaining wall is also an option to help blend in with your existing landscape or house.

Retaining Walls Melbourne Victoria

Retaining Walls Emerald Victoria